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Last updated: September 30, 2022. 


Out In Cornell Tech 🌈

To foster a safe and inclusive space for all queer-identifying students and allies within the Cornell Tech community, with an equal focus on sense of belonging and professional development.

Person In Charge: Abhiroop CVK (Email:

Join the Slack here: Out In Cornell Slack


Cornell Tech Blockchain

Many Cornell postgraduate students (M.S., MBA, PhDs) are deemed to become industry leaders in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. For that, we believe there is a need to build a strong community of graduate Cornell students on this booming industry. What's more, the world's premier blockchain research group, IC3, is headquartered in Cornell Tech. Eventually, Cornell University is named the #1 University in the world for crypto education in 2019, all of this with the untapped potential of postgraduate students. For that, we strongly believe that our members and partners will speak at the largest developer conferences, work at or build top blockchain companies, and contribute to leading blockchain research. Having Cornell Tech Blockchain will keep the members connected with the campus, the university and the community as a whole for the decades to come. We closely work with the undergraduate club in Ithaca.

Person In Charge: Martin Eckardt (Email:


REDtalks @ Cornell Tech

For speakers, REDtalks offers the chance to transfer your knowledge, build your confidence, and share your personal or professional stories with peers, contributing to the collaborative spirit of Johnson. Throughout the year, we will be partnering with Emerging Markets Institute (EMI) to bring speakers on campus and increase awareness and knowledge on the importance of emerging markets through speakers.

Visit the website:

Persons In Charge: FNU Abdullah (Email: & Jonathan Li (Email:


Run Club

The goal of the group is to promote running and general wellness at Cornell Tech through group runs and races. It is open to all fitness levels from those who are just starting to run to those training for their next marathon.

Persons In Charge: Holly Metlitzky (Email: & Jonathan Li (Email:


Cornell Tech Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CTCSSA)

We are the Cornell Tech Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CTCSSA), a non-profit organization composed of a team of Cornell Tech students, alumni, and faculty. Our mission is to provide services and advice to help international students, promoting the Chinese culture, increasing the cultural exchanges between students from China and North America, as well as uniting alumni, students, and perspective students overseas to share their experiences.

Person In Charge: Jenny Li (Email:

Slack: CTCSSA Slack

WeChat: Contact Billy for the QR Code (Email:


SEA Tech

To Promote industry and tech ecosystem at the SEA region.
To Build communities among SEA students, alumni, and industry players.
To Integrate with the rest of SEA communities in NYC.

Person In Charge: Brian Mulyadi (Email:


Women of Urban Tech (WOUT)

To connect women (and any female-identifying people or allies) who are interested in urban tech, urban design, and architecture.

Persons In Charge: Marie Demple (Email:, Preksha Agarwal (Email: and Liz Pysher (Email:


Racket Sports Club (RSC)

The goal of the club is to promote racquet sports including tennis, badminton, squash, pickleball, table tennis, and racquetball. Additionally provide an opportunity to students interested in racket sports to be able to find partners and play these sports either on campus or off campus at select courts/clubs.

Persons In Charge: Fatima Maham (Email: and Shrishti Srivastava (Email:


Cornell Tech Muslim Student Association

The goal of this group is to create an environment that fosters inclusivity, creates a sense of belonging and develops a stronger sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. Members of the association will be able to meet, hold discussions & share valuable inputs on the problems and needs of a Muslim Cornell Tech Student and an NYC resident.

Person In Charge: FNU Abdullah (Email:


Latinos de Cornell Tech

The goal of the group is to support Latino students at Cornell Tech and to share the cultural similarities and differences we share despite having a common language.

Persons In Charge: Lineker Ono-Lozano (Email: and Marcelo Fuentes (Email:


Cornell Tech Jewish Student Organization

Help foster a community of Cornell Tech’s Jewish student population

Person In Charge: Alan Lipchin (Email:


Game Nights @ Cornell Tech

The Game Nights @ Cornell Tech aims to use the fun atmosphere of games to enable enjoyable social interactions.

Persons In Charge: Tyler Bershad (Email:, Maria (Email: and Annanay Agarwal (Email:


Women in Tech

The goal of this group is to join together people (women, non-binary, all walks of life people) at Cornell Tech to create study groups, share career advice, and hear from women guest speakers that work in industry.

Persons In Charge: Courtney Beckham (Email: and Srishti Bal (Email:


Cornell Tech Indian Student Association (CTISA)

The primary objective of the Indian Student Association is to represent the growing number of Indian students attending Cornell Tech. It shall also seek to facilitate mentorship to international students to bridge the cultural gap as well as project vital aspects of the Indian culture to a global audience. With the Indian economy growing at more than 7% over the last decade and the higher education sector in India opening up to foreign investment, there are interesting synergies to be explored in the future and the Indian students can provide important inroads.

Persons In Charge: Nishita Hegde (Email: and Anamika Rashmi (Email:


Veterans of Armed Forces Organization

To create a dialogue and community for veterans in the Cornell Tech community (regardless of nation of service) and provide services that are directed to their shared experience.

Persons In Charge: Jonathan Tan (Email:, Georgi Kalancha (Email: and Tony Wan (Email:


Cornell Tech Venture Society

To expand venture education beyond students with traditional business background as many students of technical disciplines are interested in entrepreneurship and would like to learn about the venture capital and angel investing ecosystem. The mission of the group is to empower aspiring VCs and budding entrepreneurs with the right skill sets, knowledge, and network to reach their goal.

Persons In Charge: Sam Verma (Email: and Stratos Botis, (Email:


Healthcare Leadership and Management

The goal of this group is to engage Cornell Tech students interested in healthcare leadership and management with leaders in the field in NYC, discuss major trends in healthcare, identify opportunities for tech innovation within healthcare, and identify key roles for students from all degree programs to serve in healthcare management and leadership upon graduation.

Persons In Charge: Jodie Nghiem (Email:, Venkatesh Balaji (Email:, Tony Wan (Email:, Antoine Saint-Victor (Email: and Artine Arzani (Email:


Black Cornell Tech Student Association

To provide a safe, inclusive organization for students at Cornell Tech who are from the African diaspora. We wish to build a supportive community that Black students at Cornell Tech can access for resources and mentorship, with an opportunity to share and exchange the diverse cultural experiences of the Black students who are represented in the Cornell Tech student body.

Persons In Charge: Maya Mundell (, Deanna Oliver (Email:, Ekene Chuks-Okeke (Email: and Liam Albright (Email:


Butterfly Effect - The Book Club

Meant to be a place for like-minded people (or not) to come together, read & discuss non-fiction books that highlight meaningful relationships between technology, business and people. We aim to be a community where we share our ideas and expand or horizons by learning from others - all branching out from the books we read.

Person In Charge: Daria (Email:

Join the Slack here: Butterfly Effect Slack 

Cornell Tech's Groove Machine

The mission of ""Cornell's Groove Machine"" is to blur the boundaries between various cultures and to instill great love for dancing, while inspiring self-confidence, and discipline. Dance integrates many aspects of human experience, including perception, imagination, action, expression, and relationship to others while encouraging collaboration. The main objective of this club is to bring people together and encourage them to showcase their cultures and emotions. Through this club, we plan to organize events, competitions and celebrate different cultures and emotions. The goal is very simple i.e. to make everyone take some time off from the insanity of their daily schedules and have some fun.
Moreover, who does not like to groove every now and then?!

Persons In Charge: Anamika Rashmi (Email: and Nishita Hegde (Email:


Cornell Tech - Product Managers Club

To have a network of PMs that can help each other grow in our shared pursuit to be innovative product managers.

Persons In Charge: Steven Omar Abd El Hamid (Email:, Jason Park (Email:, Shambhavi Gupta (Email:

Sustainability Club

The purpose of the group is to increase awareness, knowledge, and bring together faculty, students, and members of the community with interests in sustainability across areas like energy, climate, climate-tech, renewables and other related topics. We aim to foster engagement through guest speakers, company visits, and engagement with CSGE, the urban tech community, and green-focused companies in NYC to create a fun and inclusive hub at Cornell Tech.

Persons In Charge: Lena Newkold (Email:, Divya Vedula (Email:, Saravan Venketaraman (Email: and Annika Ouellette (Email:



The goal of this group is to support members interested in consulting as a career to build a community within Cornell Tech. Areas of focus will include enabling greater peer to peer learning from ex-consultants, leveraging Cornell's alumni to explore and engage with consulting careers/opportunities, build support systems to practice casing, and meet potential teammates for strategy/consulting case competitions, etc.

Person In Charge: Sharwari Pandit (Email:


PiTech club

We want to create a community within CT to talk about problems in the public interest space and how we might want to solve them through technology! We also want to be a beacon for Cornell Tech students looking for opportunities to volunteer and connect to their community of NYC.

Persons In Charge: Patrick Mazza (Email: and Purushottam Chandra (Email:


Anticapitalism @ CT

To explore and discuss anticapitalist perspectives, practices, ideas and experiences. To relate anticapitalism and technology. To connect with external organizations practicing alternative forms of economic movement.

Person In Charge: Nicholas A.B. (Email:

 Join the Slack here: Anitcapitalism Slack


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